Pot Limit Omaha
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Pot limit Omaha tournaments

Pot limit Omaha tournaments are the newest and biggest craze among bad no limit holdem players who love to gamble.

Most players will play such a wide range of hands that they will felt their money before others even play a hand. The key to making a run in this style of PLO tournament is to capitalize on weakness and read your opponents.

Also, if you can calculate pot odds with what hand or draw you have, you will be able to make more economical decisions and hopefully be luckier than your opponent.

Pot Limit Omaha tournaments strategy

Playing in this type of tournament is very swingy and can cause a player with a monster stack to be out just ten minutes later. Pot limit Omaha tournaments should be properly bankrolled because you could legitimately play 20 and not cash in a single one. If you run awful in this style of tournament you will have a lot of trouble.

Making the money isn't the main goal you should have when entering a PLO tournament. The main focus is to try and get your money in with the best hand or the nuts on the board. Other players will put their money in on big draws or with crazy hands trying to bluff.

You want to play it just like a No limit tournament; waiting for hands and getting the pot big when you have those hands.

Your starting range of hands shouldn't change much unless everyone folds around to you in the cutoff or button position. From that position if the blinds are worth taking, than you should open for a pot sized bet before the flop almost with any hand and try and win the hand on the flop if you get called.

Hands that you want to stay away from playing otherwise though are small and middle pocket pairs. The reason being that even if you hit a set with a small pocket pair, you are still susceptible to someone having a higher set or a flush or straight draw than can catch them up.

If you can stick with 4 cards above a 9 and double suited from early to middle position, you can become a winning tournament player. Opening pots before the flop with a hand like 910KQ is a big starting hand and hand that has a lot of possibilities to hit straights. It is a game after all that is focused on draws and hands that may take two cards to win the pot.

On a good portion of the flops that get all the money in, it is common for someone to have a straight and flush draw versus a set. It is virtually even money in a spot where a flush or straight can win the hand giving for roughly 16 outs in any spot.

To make a deep run in a Pot limit Omaha tournament, it is no secret that you have to run like god, but also you have to get the max value for hands when you have them. If you are getting less than what you should and lose a big hand later on that you cannot recover from, it will hurt to think back to when you had the top set versus middle set and didn't get all the money in.

Being able to assess situations and hands will propel you through this style of tournament, and a little luck doesn't hurt.

There are online a few online poker rooms offering inetresting pot-limit omaha tournaments. Full Tilt is a leader in this arena.

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