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After The Bubble

full tilt bubble

When the bubble is popped and players have finally made it in to the money of a tournament the entire gist and aura of tables change.

Some players will just start moving their stacks in if they are short and other players will sit back and try to move up a cash level or two. The best way to play after the money is to pick up aggression, but not instantly.

The best way to play is to speed up before the bubble is burst so that you have a stack for when people start shoving their stacks in when they are short after the bubble. After a cash level or two passes by, the donkeys and guys who are stacking off weak are finally gone, and now it is a grind down to the big money.

Now is the time to pick up aggression and start playing almost any hand in position, including suited and connected cards. Picking up pots when people start to drop off is a key to winning tournaments.

One thing most see in order to win tournaments is to win the pots that players don't want. Meaning stealing pots is essential in winning tournaments, there are almost no players who sit at the table and wait for big hands who are very profitable.

Taking stabs at pots in position and getting the max value for hands throughout the tournament, losing the least, and getting the most for hands will end up getting a player deeper in a tournament.

full tilt tournaments

Past bubble strategy

Maintaining focus and setting small goals like making the next break will help out if you feel the players at your table are better than you.

Making the correct shoves with a short stack will allow a player with very little to go strongly forward and possibly make a run at the end of the tournament. Or if you are perceived as a tight player you can start making re-steals and re shoves from the blinds against players who are constantly raising in position and taking your blinds.

In that way you can build your stack with maximum risk, but also maximum reward possibly doubling your stack up. Stealing pots either playing aggressively or like a rock will allow you to advance through the levels of the tournament.

Winning the tournament is the ultimate goal of any player who plays tournaments competitively, and very few players have actually mastered playing tournaments. But, the ones who have and the ones that have been successful are almost always the guys who will take big risks and play almost every coin flip when it comes down to it.

Just ask Phil Ivey.

Also, they know when it is time to fold hands and when is a good time to re shove weaker. Getting your money in ahead and outplaying your opponents are the two keys to winning tournaments along with reading situations. If you can master these three things than your tournament game will improve and you will see your bankroll start to grow.

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full tilt tournaments

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