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Work out the catchphrases from the slot machines

From Ďa bull in a china shopí, to Ďa storm in a teacupí Ė youíll hear some bizarre and brilliant phrases used in the English language. And if the TV programme Catchphrase has taught us anything (other than just how great TV game shows were in the Ď80s), itís that thereís nothing this nation likes better than trying to guess well-known expressions and sayings from pictures.

Thatís why we had a great idea for a fun little quiz. Below youíll see 5 slot machines. The reels of each are showing 3 picture symbols. As youíve probably guessed, itís your job to try and work out the popular catchphrases from the pictures!

You should have no trouble sussing out the first one, as weíve made it nice and easy. But youíll find that the catchphrases get a little bit harder to guess with each slot. See how many you get correct, then pass it on to all your friends and challenge them to better your score.

And if this quiz has got you wanting to have more fun with slots, why not try your luck playing some online casino games on your phone? The best sites will provide hundreds and hundreds of video slots for you to play Ė from classic Vegas-style slots like Cleopatra, to slots based on cinemaís biggest blockbusters like Jumanji. Plus, most online casinos will offer you a casino bonus as soon as you sign up, so you can get a feel for which slots suit you before having to risk your own money. Just make sure to avoid casinos attaching sneaky terms such as wagering requirements to these bonuses, as these will make it harder to withdraw anything you win.

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