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Games with the highest reward

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In terms of the highest reward games, poker and blackjack are the two which come out on top. They have the highest payout percentages - meaning that casinos give more back to players in winnings than they keep back - than any other type of casino game.

Averages for Blackjack are usually well into the 98/99% mark and for Poker are often around 97/98% or more.

Multi-million wins with these card games are legendary in the gaming industry; particularly when it comes to land-based casinos. There are also huge opportunities to play these games and their many variations on online casino sites.

With the advances and developments in gaming and internet technology, it is now more economical than ever to run and maintain highly interactive and entertaining online casino sites, which has resulted in increased winning potential and bigger cash prizes for players.

With poker, whether playing individual or tournament style games, there are real possibilities of winning thousands of pounds.

This is why online poker has become one of the most popular casinos games worldwide, and is played and enjoyed by millions.

Blackjack is also a hugely rewarding option, with a totally different gaming style which also appeals to huge numbers of players.

Always take your personal playing preferences into account too. Most players have a real affinity with particular types of game, so go with what you enjoy playing, are naturally quite good at or find easy to learn and become good at.

Online casinos offer access to a huge selection and variety of games, and most also offer additional promotions and offers which either increase your gaming bankroll and playing time, or give you a chance to win some fantastic big prizes which are exclusive to the site. Joining up is simple and quick to do.

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