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Heads Up PLO Cash Games

heads up PLO

Playing heads up PLO cash games is for players who have a big bankroll.

You can go on a bad run one day and if you are not properly bankrolled can go broke very easily. The level of variance in a PLO cash game is higher than any other type or style of game anywhere.

To start, before you even sit down at a PLO heads up game, make sure you have at the minimum of 40 buy-ins. If you don't have that much money then play a lower limit game for the time being until you have enough to play it. Often times players will move up too fast and go broke in this type of game because of the amount of variance.

How to win at PLO heads-up

From the button in this game you should be raising almost every hand. The reason being that opposed to holdem you get 4 cards in PLO and have more chances to win the pot. The only hands to stay away from are hands like 3 of a kind in the pocket. Every other hand can be good enough to play with post flop depending on the flop.

If you have double suited hands or hands that can make two different flushes these are the hands you want to be building pots with. A suited ace in heads up PLO play is a very important and overlooked hand to play. If you have the nut flush draw on the flop you should be able to feel comfortable in pushing your stack in if raised or making a pot sized bet.

When playing the flop in heads up PLO you should be continuation betting from the button a great deal of the time if you catch any piece of the flop. As opposed from the big blind, you should be either check raising a flop bet, checking and then folding, or checking and calling.

Most of the time if you flop a big hand like trips or a straight or better, you should make a check and then pot sized re-raise. If you have the nut flush draw or a big wrap type straight draw you should do the same.

If you flop a hand like bottom two pairs you aren't going to fold so you want to check and then call in this spot. If you completely air ball the flop or flop top pair with no way to make the nuts on the turn you can check and let your hand go.

Most players make the mistake of over valuing top pair in PLO. If you cannot make the nuts on the turn with your hand you don't want to put a great deal of money in on the flop. Making the nuts in PLO happens very often and you have to be prepared to take as much as possible from your opponent when you do.

How to do this is either by letting them bet or by doing the betting yourself. Most of the times you want to bet your hands unless your opponent is consistently betting and following through with every hand they are dealt.

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