Pot Limit Omaha
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PLO low to mid stakes cash games

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Pot Limit Omaha is a game that has a lot of swings, and is a game that can see your bankroll increase or decrease significantly in a matter of just minutes.

When playing low to mid stakes games, ideally you will not want to be playing every hand that you are dealt because that just leads to trouble.

If you can cut your range down to 4 cards above a 9 or 10, you will be able to have the best hand a lot of the time.

PLO is a game that is made for draws to come out. So if you see AA or KK with two rag cards such as a 3 or 7 unsuited, that have little value to making your hand. Unless you hit your big set card you may want to play these hands slower.

Playing the big double suited hands are the hands you want to see the flops with, and get a lot of the money in pre flop with. To apply pressure post flop is also a big key to the low and mid stakes cash level of PLO.

When you are playing big hands such as high connectors in position, you can gain a lot of return on your money and cut down the variance of losing big all-in hands that could cause harm to your bankroll.

Ideally when playing after the flop in cash games against only one other opponent, you will want to make a continuation bet to try and win the pot there. If you can't win the pot there, then you can also make your hand and get your opponent sucked into the pot with a weaker hand.

Most players will call raises from the blinds with any hand a lot of time because they feel they are committed to the pot. A mistake a lot of players make is to complete the pre flop raise out of position with bad hands such as unsuited cards, and cards that aren't connected.

These hands can be very dangerous and get you in a lot of trouble if you are the one completing with these types of hands because if the flop brings a draw you will try to make your hand by just calling off streets.

You want to be the player applying pressure to your opponent making the bets and not being the caller in PLO cash games.

If you are the aggressor in a game with so many swings, you can collect a lot of folds from your opponents by picking up pots that could have been handed to your opponent if you had given up.

Aggressive poker is winning poker to a point in a game like PLO, because if you are too aggressive you can lose a great deal of money. The idea of selective aggression is what you want to ultimately do. Pick your spots wisely to pick pots up, and lay hands down if you are faced with a bet, and don't have it.

Bluffing in Omaha is something you almost never want to do in this game for more than a single street. It causes harm if you simply shove pot bets with nothing because you are risking a great deal with no chance of actually getting your hand to be the best one unless your opponent folds theirs.

One of the online poker rooms with the best selection of Omaha games is Full Tilt Poker.

Fortunately not every one plays like Phil Ivey at Full Tilt Poker. Visit the low and mid stakes PLO tables and you will not be disappointed.

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