Pot Limit Omaha
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Pot Limit Omaha

Pot-limit Omaha is taking the online poker world by storm. Derived from No-Limit Texas Hold'em Poker, Pot Limit Omaha brings more complexity and more excitement to the game of poker and it will ultimately become the leading variation of poker if the historical trend persists.

In the past two hundred years, newer and more entertaining variations of the game of poker have progressively replaced older versions. From draw poker, to 5-card stud, 7-card stud, fixed-limit holdem, no-limit holdem, the game seems to be constantly evolving and the wind is now clearly blowing in the direction of Omaha.

Omaha Poker and PLO in particular have many similarities with Texas Hold'em, such as the five community cards, also called the board. But this is by mastering the differences with holdem that you will make a lot of money online.

Four cards instead of the standard two hole cards is the first obvious difference, but the games are different in many subtler other ways that only experience and study reveal. As many players coming from NLHE do not realize how they should adapt their strategy to the specifics of Omaha, there is a lot of money to make in these games.

This poker website covers the fundamentals of PLO strategy: hand valuation with concepts such as preflop hand strength, playing on the flop, position and check-raising, which flops to use for bluffing, pot size manipulation, short stack play, blind stealing, when to bluff, the redraw, etc.

Pot-Limit Omaha: How to Win

The goal of our article section is to discuss the winning plays and strategies and to develop winning thinking at each street.

PLO is still a new poker variation and understanding all its subtleties, even by the pros, is at an early stage. The Omaha games are still juicier than Holdem ones, but only for those who spend the time to understand odds and power moves.

One of the most active US poker sites with respect to pot-limit omaha used to be Full Tilt Poker. They also had high stakes PLO games that were regularly the talk of the day in poker circles. Because these ring games were the largest on the Internet, with pots often over $100k. It remains to be seen now that the site reopened if they are still the leader of Omaha poker online.

The players involved are famous poker pros, such as Phil Ivey, Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Gus Hansen, David Benyamine et Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies. We also have reviews of the other online poker rooms really active in Omaha games and there are only a few beyond Full Tilt Poker. One such room is offered by the gaming giant 888 Holdings which has turned around its poker software in recent years and offers both pot limited Omaha and Omaha Hi Lo.

If you already play online casino games like video poker, usually online casinos do not offer PLO or standard poker and you need to join a poker room like Full Tilt to play Omaha. As most rooms only have action in Hold'em poker, only the top rooms with the most traffic do have real action in pot-limit Omaha games, while online casinos offer the video poker or Stud Caribbean poker versions of the game. When you are searching for the best online casinos you should take a good look at the wealth of information Onlinecasinos.co.uk provides you with; it will make your search a lot easier.

There are also book reviews to be found here. There are not many books about Omaha Poker, so we plan on reviewing them all. By reading these books you will automatically gain a significant edge over the other Omaha players, as most do not spend the time to study the theory. Knowing just a bit about it will bring you a long way.

Many online poker players also enjoy various other casino games such as slots, blackjack, and even binary options for the most daring ones. With the popularity of internet gaming in today's market, it's no surprise that so many people are deciding to venture into the games with the highest reward for even more chances at winning huge jackpots.

Binary options are the newest products in the betting family. They offer a simple way to make short-term bets on the direction of financial markets. One advantage of these products is that they are treated as financial and not gambling products by regulators. It is very easy to get started at a site like ubinary and you can even use a demo account without depositing any money to test the software. In all honesty this type of betting can be much more intellectually challenging than simply following the ball on a roulette wheel. As financial markets follow economic news and corporate action, playing with binaries is just another way to invest.

Or another very recent and popular alternative to PLO is live dealer blackjack online. This way you get the best of both worlds: On one hand you can play from your location without the constraint of heading to the nearest casino; but on the other hand you will play with a real blackjack dealer, so you get the feel of real blackjack, not computer online blackjack.

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