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Pot-Limit Omaha at Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker is currently the second largest online poker room, driving a massive traffic of international poker players seeking entertainment in all sorts of poker formats, from the NLHE freeroll tournament pros to the PLO ultra high-stakes nosebleed 6-max specialists and the blackjack online players who fancy moving over to a more skilled card game.

And as far as high-stakes PLO ring games are concerned, Full Tilt is the uncontested leader, attracting a crowd of the best poker players in the world who keep on breaking records such as the largest online poker pot, which keeps on rising after breaking the one million dollar mark.

Full Tilt Overview

Generally speaking, Full Tilt Poker is a great online poker room designed by pros. Started in 2004 by such poker luminaries as poker legend Phil Ivey, WSOP main event winner Chris Ferguson and poker theorist Howard Lederer, it is unique in this respect.

The point is that these pros keep on playing exclusively at Full Tilt Poker, more or less frequently. Phil Ivey puts a huge number of hours playing online and Full Tilt has a section of the lobby named after him: Ivey's Room. This is the ultra high stakes tables section, with tables such as the NLHE $500/$1,000 "Ivey Heaven" or PLO $200/$400 "Antonius".

And many more. Furthermore the numerous pros play in the big buy-in tournaments as well. With so much talent, history and money involved, the full tilt software is super robust, no doubt about that. Security, anti-cheating detection and support are all top notch. No less can be expected with so many great pros playing all the time.

All serious online poker players have an account at Tilt Poker. Even if there is another online poker room that you prefer, Full Tilt has some tournaments, events and promotions that you should not pass.

Pot-Limit Omaha at Full Tilt.

Full Tilt is the best room to learn, to improve and to play PLO.

For discovering Omaha Poker, the micro-limits start at $0.01/$0.02 and there is action all the way up to the high stakes $5/$10. The game is mostly played 6-max or heads-up, with some 9-max up to the medium stakes $1/$2. Full ring tables are hard to find at the highest stakes everywhere anyway.

As you can see from the above picture of a high stakes table, the table design is very sleek. The software is efficient and fast, and all pre flop cards are dealt in less than one second, substantially faster than at most other poker rooms.

Omaha Hi/Lo is another popular form of Omaha at Full Tilt. It is less played but at Full Tilt you will find tables and opponents at all stake levels, in fixed, pot and no-limit. Omaha Hi/Lo is even trickier than PLO, it is a shrewder game than Omaha High and this is why there is a lot of money to win there.

Only a handful of poker sites have active games in Omaha Hi/Lo and Full Tilt is one of them, one good reason to sign up. Omaha Hi/Lo is a game where bad players can make huge odds mistakes leading to them practically handing their chips to you, this is the beauty of this game.

If you want to observe and learn from the best poker players, than check out the high stakes PLO tables, with stacks over $100k and pots in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. No better place to learn and to have fun looking other people losing or winning fortunes in seconds.

If you join Full tilt poker today, you can get a 100% bonus by clicking here. Do not miss this opportunity while it lasts. Alternatively check online slots for real money once you get tired of online poker.

Full Tilt Poker


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